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High Vis Lubricant

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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For the most demanding applications, high VIS lubricant for your gearcase may be the best choice among all available lubricants. Normal gearcase lubricants can have lower viscosities, which make them great for cold weather uses. High viscosity lubricant is designed to protect your gearcase under the wettest conditions, keeping your gears cool and running smoothly.

Because high VIS lubricants are so thick, they will stay together even under extreme temperatures and high heat from friction. High viscosity gearcase lubricant can also increase gear oil life, and reduce the amount of gum, rust, or other residue that builds up in the gearcase. When used with quality gearcase oil, lubricants can ensure safe and cool gearcase operation, keeping the gears safe from debris and moisture.

Lubricant and oil in the gearcase should be maintained periodically. After the initial break-in period, it may be necessary to drain the gearcase and flush all parts clean. After cleaning, replace both oil and lubricant. Cleaning the case can help rid it of harmful substances that can erode the gears.

Purchasing a High VIS Lubricant

Gearcase high VIS lubricant is available from many different marine parts suppliers. There are many different lubricant manufacturers to choose from, and online boating forums or enthusiast sites may be able to offer guidance. Many sites feature product reviews and user opinions, which can help you decide what kind of lubricant is right for your engine.

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