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Impeller Kits

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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As part of the important cooling system, parts from quality impeller kits are necessary for keeping your boat out on the water. Impellers work with the water pump to bring raw water into the cooling system. From there, the incoming water is directed to the thermostat, which acts a valve and allows fresh water into the head as needed.

The first indication that something may be damaged in the cooling system of your boat may be the temperature gauge. If the gauge suddenly reads extremely high or extremely low, you may want to check it for accuracy by comparing it to another thermometer. If the temperature gauge seems accurate, then you may need to replace pieces of the cooling system using parts from thermostat kits or impeller kits.

The primary piece of an impeller kit is the impeller itself. Many current engine designs use a rubber impeller, which operates wonderfully, but is subject to aging and occasionally, breakage. Damage to an impeller may come in the form of bent, cracked or broken spines. Some outboard resources recommend checking the impeller for damage periodically, and perhaps replacing the impeller every season or so.

Purchasing Impeller Kits

Quality impeller kits can be purchased from many different marine supply stores. Online boating suppliers also stock a large variety of kits, and may have product literature available to help you find the right kit for your engine. Also, if you have access to the service manual for your engine, you can find information regarding which components are compatible with your engine there.

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