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Johnson Fuel Pump

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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If you have a Johnson engine with a damaged fuel system, you may want to consider replacing the damaged component with a genuine part, like a Johnson fuel pump. Using parts from the original manufacturer can save a lot of time and hassle during the repair process, and can ultimately save you money as well. Genuine parts are available from authorized Johnson dealers, and can usually be special ordered if not already in stock.

Fuel pumps operate and integral parts of an engine by pushing gasoline from the fuel tank to the carburetor. There are three lines coming off a standard fuel pump. One line feeds the pump from the gas tank, and one feeds the carburetor from the fuel pump. The third line connects the Johnson fuel pump to the cylinders in the engine, and directs the fuel flow by interpreting changes in cylinder pressure as signals to send more gas.

If there seems to be a problem with the fuel pump, you may want to run a quick pressure check of the line between the fuel pump and the carburetor. If you have a Johnson service manual handy, you can check the actual pressure of the line against the recommended pressure as specified by the manual. If the pressure readings are inconsistent, you may wish to consider replacing the pump.

Replacing a Johnson Fuel Pump

Johnson fuel pumps are generally available from many sources. Online marine parts dealers usually stock a large supply of common items such as fuel pumps, carburetor kits, and ignition systems components. Most service manuals also include detailed instructions for the removal and replacement of fuel pumps, as well as exploded-view diagrams and comprehensive parts lists.

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