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Johnson Oil Pump

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Johnson oil pumps are by and large considered to be quality components for Evinrude/Johnson engines. They are generally pretty trouble-free, and require only periodic maintenance. Should something go wrong with your oil pump, it is relatively simple to find a replacement that suits most Johnson engines.

Manual control Johnson oil pumps are also very handy for removing spent oil from a marine engine. During automobile oil changes, it is relatively simple to place a receptacle underneath the oil pan. For boats, however, changing the engine oil is a much more involved process.

Most marine engines include a short hose from the engine that is used to as a channel for draining the engine oil. By using a good oil pump, along with this hose, you can speed up the process, and pump the engine oil into a safe receptacle, without the danger of any spilled oil. Many boaters recommend warming up the engine before changing the oil. A common technique is to attach an oil pump to the engine after a day on the water and let the oil drain overnight.

Finding Johnson Oil Pumps

Finding a good oil pump for your Johnson engine isn't usually too difficult. Many boating supply stores stock Johnson oil pumps. Online vendors also usually stock a large selection of certified Johnson parts, and are a good resource for finding pertinent information as well.

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