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Johnson Outboard Pistons

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Johnson outboard pistons are commonly available from many different outboard parts suppliers and boat shops. You can order them online from many sources as well, including many authorized Johnson/Evinrude dealerships that have online as well as actual retail store locations. In many cases, these reputable dealers have been in business for a long time, and have begun selling parts over the Internet as a way of expanding their distribution.

Authentic Johnson outboard pistons are quality pistons that are made specifically for your engine. If you have access to the Johnson service manual for your engine model, information about what Johnson outboard pistons are compatible with your engine should be listed in the manual or parts catalog. The service manual should also give you a detailed diagrammatic map of the engine and instructions for how to maintain the pistons, cylinders, and other parts of the engine.

Occasionally, pistons may be damaged from heat and friction in the cylinder. One of the most common forms of damage is scorching along the piston and the cylinder. Scorching is the result of the engine not having enough lubrication. In extreme cases, running the engine without the safety and lubrication that engine oil provides can cause the pistons to scorch, burn, and eventually seize up in the cylinder.

Maintaining your Johnson Outboard Pistons

Heat and residue from gasoline can build up in an engine and endanger the pistons. Fuel conditioners such as 2 + 4 conditioner are an easy way to prevent the build-up that results from the impurities in normal gasoline. Another popular additive that reduces build up is fuel systems cleaner. Systems cleaner is designed to remove existing carbon and gumming from the fuel system of an engine.

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