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Johnson Parts Books

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Perhaps the most important tools for any Johnson outboard enthusiast are Johnson parts books. These books are available for any make and model of Johnson engine, and are an indispensable resource. Johnson parts books document Johnson engines in detail, enabling any boat owner to maintain his/her Johnson engine properly and regularly.

Johnson parts books are structured like most parts books. They contain an in-depth guide to the structure of the engine, including exploded-view diagrams or most components. Along with these diagrams, there are extensive lists documenting the identity and function of each part.

Also included in parts books are the manufacturer's recommendations for regular maintenance procedure. Coupled with these recommendations are instructions for disassembly (and reassembly) of many major engine components, including the carburetor, fuel systems, and gearcases. Also, electrical systems components are documented, usually with information regarding specific peak voltages or other tuning measurements.

Finding Johnson Parts Books for Your Engine

Parts books are generally available from authorized Evinrude/Johnson dealers. There are also many Internet sites devoted to trading and selling old parts books, including Internet auction sites. Some websites also include some of the data that can be found in parts books, though it is often generalized and haphazardly organized.

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