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Johnson Parts Catalogs

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Johnson parts catalogs are perhaps the primary reference guides for Johnson engines. Parts catalogs have been produced for every model of Johnson engine available, and document the structure and the workings of the engine with care and attention not found elsewhere. An extensive list of parts and complete service manual information is combined into one indispensable reference volume.

Parts catalogs are straightforwardly organized accounts of information that is pertinent to the engine. They are often structured around a teardown of the entire engine, piece by piece. Because of this, they offer much of the information needed to successfully remove and replace damaged engine components.

Along with instructions for disassembly, Johnson parts catalogs contain lists of every part that is used in the engine, along with the part number and function. If you don't have access to a parts catalog, his information can be very difficult to research. Though there are some websites that are devoted to publishing detailed information regarding marine engine parts, complete lists of part numbers, necessary for purchasing replacement or spare parts, is only available in Johnson parts catalogs.

Regarding Older Johnson Parts Catalogs

Older parts catalogs and service manuals are desirable for their extensive parts lists. In some cases, older, "vintage" parts may still be available from the manufacturer, if you know the part number. For this reason, antique outboard collectors often collect vintage manuals and catalogs.

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