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Johnson Piston Rings

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Johnson piston rings are an important component of the inside of a Johnson engine. However, piston rings can occasionally become damaged, and lead to other more serious problems within the cylinders of an engine. Through proper maintenance and lubrication, many common problems that plague some Johnson piston rings can be avoided.

Firstly, you should always use enough oil in your engine, and change it regularly. Engine oil is the primary lubricant for internal engine parts, and reduces much of the dangerous friction that can lead to more detrimental engine problems. Without enough engine oil, heat can build up in the engine's cylinders, scoring the cylinder walls and pistons and putting stress on the piston rings.

Similar to heat-based scoring is build up due to the impurities in normal gasoline. Gasoline can leave behind gummy or varnish-like residue, which may not only plug up fuel lines, but also cause stress to the piston rings similar to the stress caused by the lack of oil. Under stress, a piston ring can come loose of the ring land (it's groove), and break, causing significant damage to the cylinder. In extreme cases, that kind of damage can necessitate re-boring the cylinder and replacing the piston.

Purchasing Johnson Piston Rings

Johnson piston rings and piston ring kits are available from many different marine parts suppliers. Online boating supply stores and outboard enthusiast sites also usually carry a selection of piston rings. Check the service manual for detailed information regarding what type and size of ring will suit your engine.

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