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Johnson Power Packs

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Replacing Johnson power packs in your Johnson engine can be difficult and very troublesome without the proper research and reference material. Johnson power packs are located in near the head of a Johnson engine, and help distribute electrical charge to the spark plugs. Without a fully functional power pack, the spark plugs may not fire, which will significantly reduce your engine's output and torque.

There are a few little inspection tips regarding power packs. First, make sure that all of the wires and connections in the ignition system are intact and free of corrosion. If they are, use a multimeter to check other ignition system components, like the ignition coil. If everything seems to be intact and functional, and the spark plugs are functional, then something may be wrong with the power pack. By checking the service manual and testing peak voltage, you may be able to pinpoint the problem.

Johnson service manuals usually cover complete the disassembly of an engine, all the way to the Johnson power packs. Included in the guide are detailed instructions for the removal and replacement of nearly every engine component, and detailed breakdowns, including breakdowns of the fuel system, ignition systems, and the cooling system. Also included are charts of appropriate replacement parts, including the part numbers for suitable power packs, carburetor parts, etc.

Obtaining Authentic Johnson Power Packs

Power packs are generally available from many Johnson/Evinrude retailers. You can also order them online, as long as you know the product number. You can find the product number in the service manual, and may also be able to find it on certain websites that are dedicated to publishing outboard engine specifications.

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