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Johnson Rectifier Regulators

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Quality Johnson rectifier regulators are generally available from authorized Johnson/Evinrude dealers. They are also readily available from any number of online marine parts vendors, along with many other outboard engine components. It is easiest to purchase Johnson rectifier regulators if you know the specifics of your engine and the part numbers of the regulators.

You can find information pertaining to the Johnson rectifier regulators in your Johnson service manual and parts catalog. The service manuals usually contain a highly detailed complete engine breakdown, from the propeller to the power packs. Rectifier regulators are covered, along with information regarding their specifications and part numbers.

Testing the Condition of Your Johnson Rectifier Regulator

As part of the electrical ignition system of your Johnson engine, the rectifier regulator converts the AC current coming from the stator to a DC current, which the engine's electronic components can understand. There are a few signs that a Johnson rectifier regulator may be going bad. If your tachometer is dropping out intermittently, it could be the rectifier regulator. You can test this by exchanging the grey tachometer lead wire with the yellow wire from the regulator.

Also, visually check the stator and wires for cracks, corrosion, or other damage around the battery charge windings can indicate a bad regulator. If you have a question about a dubious regulator, other outboard enthusiasts on online boating forums may be able to help. In general, Johnson rectifier regulators aren't too expensive, and are relatively easy to replace.

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