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Johnson Service Manuals

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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The primary reference materials for Johnson outboard engine enthusiasts are Johnson Service Manuals. Service manuals, often coupled with parts catalogs, contain the most detailed information available regarding outboard engines. They are usually published for each different model of engine available every new model year.

Johnson service manuals, like most engine service manuals, are organized around a teardown of the entire engine. Every engine component and each engine system is covered in both diagrammatic and parts list forms. Along with the parts lists, detailed instructions on the disassembly and reassembly of each part are provided.

There is also a burgeoning market for vintage Johnson service manuals and outboard parts. On many online auction and boating forum websites, vintage manuals are actively traded and sold. Because many older outboard parts are still available from the manufacturers, older service manuals make a handy resource for and vintage engine enthusiast.

Finding Johnson Service Manuals for Your Engine Type

If you have a relatively new engine, you can probably find the appropriate service manual at your local Johnson/Evinrude parts dealer. If not, a dealership may be able to order the manual, or you can purchase it online. Online marine parts dealers, Johnson specialty shops, and auction sites are all great places to search for service manuals.

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