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Johnson Shop Manuals

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Johnson shop manuals are detailed guides that contain everything there is to know about Johnson outboard engines. They provide everything from common maintenance information to detailed product specifications. Johnson shop manuals are informative, well organized, and a practically indispensable resource to both professional marine mechanics and casual boaters alike.

The Organization of Johnson Shop Manuals

Shop manuals are often grouped with parts catalogs, and contain three main areas of information. Firstly, almost every shop manual contains in its pages a detailed list of nearly every part that is used in the engine, from bolts and screws to impellers and power packs. Parts numbers are listed along with product names, giving you all of the information you need to order and secure new or replacement parts, eliminating troubling size or compatibility ambiguities.

Johnson shop manuals also contain clear instructions for the disassembly of engine components and the replacement of damaged parts. Every engine system is covered, and complex components such as the water pump or the carburetor are further broken down into individual parts, such as the kind that can be purchased in kits (including Johnson water pump kits). Also all of this information is presented graphically as well as textually, with clear, labeled exploded view diagrams of all engine components.

Lastly, shop manuals contain all of the necessary information for testing certain engine parts. Important information such as peak voltage specifications or other electrical information is included, making testing electrical components simply a matter of comparing actual values to book values. Easy access to this kind of information can help you diagnose engine troubles, and correct them without the need for costly shop time.

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