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Johnson Water Pump Kits

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Along with Johnson thermostats, Johnson water pump kits are the brawn of outboard engine cooling systems. The thermostat regulates the amount of water in circulation around the engine head, and the water pump is responsible for getting the water there. Though Johnson water pump kits and thermostats are made with standards of Johnson engines, they do occasionally become damaged through normal use.

The biggest sing that something is wrong is the temperature gauge showing excessive heat levels. If the gauge and all of the wiring is fit and free of corrosion, there may be some damage to the impeller, which is contained in the water pump. Most impellers in use today are rubber impellers, which makes them subject to wear, and eventually, possible breakage.

The impeller spins at high speeds, channeling water into the water pump. When the rubber fins of the impeller bend or break, pieces could become clogged in the waterways, halting water flow and allowing the engine to heat unchecked. Replacement impellers are often included in Johnson water pump kits, along with housing pieces, gaskets, and the other necessities of a good water pump.

Purchasing Johnson Water Pump Kits

Impellers and water pumps are available from a variety of different marine parts suppliers, including online vendors. You can find the exact information for what kind of water kit fits your engine in your Johnson parts catalog. If you don't have access to a parts catalog, you may be able to find the information online from outboard reference websites, enthusiast forums or message boards.

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