Luxury Yacht Charter

Written by Jamie Carpenter
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Luxury yacht charters offer the ultimate in floating elegance. Luxury yachts are self-contained worlds, promoting beauty, service, and world-class attention to detail. Luxury yacht charters often feature white-glove crew that outnumber the guests in order to ensure the greatest service possible. The finest boast imaginative itineraries, five-star dining, and unparalleled service.

Both power and sailing yachts in the luxury class will feature sumptuous meals prepared by world-class chefs. Only the finest ingredients will be used, and all meals will be prepared to your dining preferences. Some luxury yachts provide white-glove dinner service by well-trained 5 star service staff.

Luxury Yacht Charters: Peel Me a Grape

Luxury power yacht charters are ideal for those that wish to combine elegance with sporting adventure. Power yachts, in addition to luxurious appointment details, will carry extensive sporting activity equipment and provide opportunities scuba diving, windsurfing and other water sports. Many feature onboard swimming pools, as well as perfectly outfitted spas and gymnasiums.

Luxury sailing yachts provide an experience that is timeless. These tall ships of over 100 feet in length, sails unfurled, are breathtaking in their beauty and aesthetic power. Being onboard a luxury yacht charter sailing vessel is like taking a trip back in time, without sacrificing the quality of life afforded by modern technology, 1200 count sheets, and a perfect sound and entertainment system.

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