Luxury Yacht Rentals

Written by Jamie Carpenter
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Luxury yacht rentals are the gold standard of private yacht charters. While all yacht charters provide superior privacy and freedom of itinerary, luxury yacht rentals provide these same things with superior amenities, appointments and service. The key word, after all, is "luxury."

It should be noted, however, that even "simple" yacht charters are pretty darned nice. Provided you find your yacht charter through a reputable boat chartering service, every single detail, regardless of "luxury" classification, should be very, very nice. Most established, successful charter services limit their offerings to those that feature attractive, comfortable appointments, and that provide wonderful food and helpful guides in the form of your Captain and on-board chef. With standards like these, luxury to some degree is a given.

Refined Opulence

However, if you're a true pleasure seeker, and are in search of superior service and pampering, there is no end of ultra high-end luxury yacht rentals ready to serve your every whim with white glove treatment. There are multiple luxury yacht rentals with crew that outnumber passengers for superior service. Some offer sumptuous, boat-wide staterooms with teak detailing and turn-down service. Many have, in addition to complimentary scuba equipment and instruction, on-board swimming pools and jacuzzis.

Unless you have first-hand knowledge of the luxury yacht you wish to rent, it must be stressed that customers should consider utilizing an established boat chartering service. These reputable professionals have, in most cases, spent time on each and every boat they represent. Further, they know the owners and the level of service they provide. Since they book for so many travelers, they will know very well the boats that deliver on expectations, and more importantly, the boats that don't. Regardless of the level of luxury you desire, having an interested professional on your side helps to ensure that the vacation of your dreams becomes a reality.

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