Marine Carburetors

Written by Dina Kayed
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Every engine needs a device to help regulate the exchange of gases passing through it. A marine engine needs a mixture of vaporized fuel and air, and a carburetor provides the engine with exactly the right mixture. Each boat needs a specific carburetor, depending on the number of cylinders it has. For example, a four-cylinder engine does not need a mixture as strong as an eight-cylinder engine.

Offsetting the Price of Gas
With the price of gas on the rise, gas mileage is certainly a concern these days. A good carburetor can save you more on gas, and enable you to enjoy more mileage before needing to fill up again. Buying a brand new carburetor can be an expensive purchase, and this is why some companies try to help by offering carburetor part numbers along with the information you need to put them together. After you have this information, you will be able to search for carburetor parts with dealers who sell parts only, and construct your own.

A carburetor consists of many parts depending on its size, and whether it is going to stand alone, or work as part of a bigger system. Some of the carburetors main parts are: bolts, float, choke coil and choke pull offs. You will also find carburetor parts that are computer controlled, thanks to new technology.

There is more to purchasing a carburetor than looking at it as a simple piece of metal. Quality should always be one of your main concerns. Larger companies that bring valuable experience to the table, along with the best technology, will have more to offer in terms of value for your money. Sometimes paying a little more will save you trouble and expense in the long term.

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