Marine Oil Coolers

Written by Dina Kayed
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Overheating in any mechanical unit can cause it to break down or burn out. This applies particularly to marine engines. It is necessary to keep the temperature in a marine engine within a safe range. Since boats use gasoline for power, this makes it even more dangerous to ignore overheating problems. Neglecting a cooling problem could easily cost someone their life.

Oil Cooling Device

Since safety is such a great concern, marine manufacturers have come up with a special device to keep oil temperature in boats at a reasonable level. Marine oil coolers are usually lightweight and easy to install in easy-to-access places. The marine engine will retain full capacity to function, without the worry of it igniting because it got overheated.

Oil coolers will also prolong an engine's life. If an engine is not constantly overheating, it should last longer, even under the toughest conditions. Overheating will make the metal parts more prone to wear and rust. Oil coolers do not have to be huge units to serve their purpose. While older models were usually rather large, newer oil coolers that are smaller in size are easier to install, and at the same time have surprisingly doubled the cooling capacity. Oil coolers vary widely in price, so shop around a little before purchasing one.

If you've installed an oil cooler and an engine cooling system, but you're still having overheating problems, it might be a good idea to check your thermostat. This could be malfunctioning. If it's stuck in an open position, you will have overcooling, and if it is stuck closed, it will result in constant overheating.

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