Mediterranean Yacht Charters

Written by Jamie Carpenter
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Mediterranean yacht charters allow everyone to retrace the early voyages of the great Grecian explorers. It has been said that the sea informs the Grecian imagination. Onboard a private yacht charter, it can mold yours as well.

I'll Take Mykonos, Ios and Delos Islands, Too; It's Lovely Walking Through...Corfu

This cradle of civilization features over 2,000 islands which stretch from Turkey to the east and the Ionian sea in the west. So close together, on Mediterranean yacht charters you can sail from one island to the next in only a few hours' time. In a single day you have plenty of opportunities to explore the sometimes rugged, sometimes civilized, always beautiful landscape.

With 2,000 islands from which to choose, you'll doubtlessly want to do a little research to help you narrow your field. One place to start might be Corfu, the final stop for legendary Odysseus before he returned home to Ithaca. Corfu, lush and green, is considered by many to be not only the most beautiful of the islands in Greece, but one of the most beautiful in the world. Other considerations might be Crete, home of the Minotaur, or Delos, the "sacred island" where by law no man is allowed to sleep overnight.

Mediterranean yacht charters allow you the greatest opportunity to fully explore the beauty of the Greek islands. Many of the most gorgeous, archeologically and historically rich islands are reachable only by boat. When making a decision between a multihull vs. monohull boat, bear in mind that multihulls, like catamarans, allow docking and disembarking much closer to shore.

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