Mega Yacht Charters

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Mega yacht charters offer the ultimate in luxury, service and the grand hotel-on-the-water experience. From white glove service to five star staterooms, these luxury liners cater to those with the most discriminating taste. On magical charters like these, perfect hospitality and complete discretion is assured.

Mega Yacht Charters: When You Care Enough to Sail the Very Best

With on-board appointments like conference rooms and private studies in staterooms, mega-yacht charters are an obvious choice to conduct upscale business, to schedule a private, vital brainstorming session, or to reward a group of outstanding leaders of business. They make a perfect accommodation choice for off-shore film shoots. And with grand dining rooms and often ballrooms, they're a superior alternative for a family reunion, or an extraordinary, exclusive wedding ceremony.

In terms of amenities, mega yachts feature the very best money can buy: the richest furnishings; the most exquisite sound and electronic entertainment systems; Jacuzzi tubs, and heated swimming pools. In addition to available instruction for obvious activities like scuba diving and snorkeling, mega-yachts often feature complete gymnasiums, spas, and trained instructors in yoga, tai chi and aerobics. Further, many mega yacht charters also feature fully stocked reading libraries, cocktail lounges, private boardrooms complete with internet access for conferences and business, as well as casinos and theaters.

On board, though the services and environments are rich, the dress code is casual if you prefer. There are no hard and fast rules about anything -- the entire experience is designed to provide relaxation, and to remove you from the pressures of the world. Mega yacht charters are available in luxury ships designed to accommodate 12 to over 100 guests in perfect style and ambience.

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