Mega Yacht Vacations

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Mega yacht vacations are ideal for both private and corporate parties. Mega-yachts are floating islands of luxury, offering only the finest in appointments, onboard toys, and world-class gourmet meals and service. No detail is overloooked in terms of extravagant style and service.

Mega Yacht Vacations: Livin' Large

One of the key features of a mega yacht is the additional living space. Staterooms will often cover the breadth of the boat. En suite bathrooms will feature not only shower, but deep tubs and Jacuzzi jets. Private studies, complete with internet connections, are appointed in rich leather and mahogony, perhaps.

And of course, the toys. Most of course will have state of the art audio and visual equipment and the finest scuba, snorkeling and other water sports activity equipment. But that's only the beginning. Some mega-yachts have on-board heated swimming pools. Others, specially designed decompression chambers designed specifically for serious scuba divers. Your floating paradise may be so inviting you'll never want to leave ship. But mega yacht vacations also come complete with an impressive itinerary, approved by you, of course, to every cay and bay, nightclub and brasserie that piques your interest.

In terms of mega yacht vacations, the only limit to your experience is your imagination and your wallet. These uber-fine vessels are gorgeous, dramatic sites for weddings and special events. They also provide superior privacy for top-level executive meetings. Mega-yachts come in sizes appropriate for small groups of two to large gatherings of over 100 people.

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