Motor Yacht Charters

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Motor yacht charters combine luxury with top sporting ability. There are two hull types for motor yacht charters: monohull and multihull. Both have distinct advantages and the choice should be made based on personal preference.

Hulls refer to the main body of the ship. A monohull makes a "U" shape under the water. A multihull makes a "W" shape under the water. Catamarans, for instance, are examples of multihull motorized vessels.

Motor Yacht Charters: Catamarans

Catamarans are popular for many reasons. First, their wider body provides increased stability on the water. This really helps reduce sea-sickness. Secondly, the wider body also translates into greater living and deck space. Thirdly, because the hull is wider and shallower than monohulls, they move faster with less effort. This is great for when you want to reach good speed in a quick amount of time, for instance when pulling skiers or wind surfers. Another benefit of this more shallow depth is that catamarans can drop anchor in a wider variety of places, and pull up much closer to shore.

Drawbacks of catamaran motor yacht charters include their tendency to "lift" at the bow when traveling at high speeds, which can result in a bumpy high-speed ride. Their width, too, while providing many advantages, makes docking a problem at popular spots. However, the biggest drawback to catamarans appears to be their ability to capsize in particularly treacherous water conditions. The "W" shape, unlike the monohull's "U" shape, doesn't right itself as easily on high rolling waters. However, if you're travelling the waters of the Carribean you don't need to worry unduly, since the waters are tranquil and smooth through most of the year.

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