Newport Sailing Lessons

Written by Jen Nichol
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Newport is a great place to sail, given the number of regattas and sailing parties and the general enthusiasm for the sport in this seaside town. The right sailing school will offer a superior sailing education that can get you up to speed quickly, teaching you the skills in just months that others have taken a lifetime to learn. Getting out on the water shouldn't be a privileged, rarified pursuit, but available to anyone with a passion to learn.

Sailing is all about passion. If you weren't thrilled by the moods of wind, water, stars, and tides, you would be looking at powerboats. Sailing is a mind-and-body exercise that allows you to leave all of your issues on the dock, since every part of you will need to be attuned to the moment to stay safe and effective out on the water.

Serious Newport Sailing Lessons

It can be daunting learning a new sport, especially one as involved as sailing. Those of us who live on or near the water know that there are people out there who have been sailing their entire lives. However, the learning curve isn't as high as one might think, and basic sailing skills can be adopted quite quickly.

Rhode Island boasts the Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island Sound, and Block Island Sound. Islands dot the coastline, providing sailing waters both scenic and challenging. Your sailing school can teach you to make these waters "home," whether you are an experienced seaman or an enthusiastic novice.

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