Offshore Sailing School

Written by Jen Nichol
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People looking for an offshore sailing school are ready to move beyond coastal cruising. They are ready to try their hands at navigation, weather forecasting, and heavy-weather procedures. They are ready to learn how to rely on storm anchoring and sail tactics to combat high winds, as opposed to running for land.

A good sailing school will offer solid courses in offshore sailing. Any sailor who has coastal cruising techniques down can advance to this level of class. Anyone who wants to experience the confidence of sailing out of sight of land, at the mercy of whatever the weather wants to do, will especially benefit.

What Can an Offshore Sailing School Do for Me?

The confidence that comes from graduating from an offshore sailing school is immense. Sailboats respond to the skipper and crew, so all of your decisions must be good ones. The right school can teach you the wisdom needed to stay smart and be confident on the water.

People learn to sail in different ways. Family, friends, and "feet-first" are some approaches to offshore sailing. A program that covers every area of importance lets you know that you really do have what it takes to be a deep-water sailor. Only a truly comprehensive program will provide you with the skills and confidence you need.

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