Offshore Training Courses

Written by Jen Nichol
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Offshore training courses are the "big guns" of every sailing education. Out of sight of land for days at a time, this is when you learn real, ocean-going skills. This is "Bluewater" sailing, and differs from the coastal sailing of basic and beginning courses.

When you are involved in offshore training courses, you are learning weather analysis, celestial navigation, and emergency procedures, among other skills. You are the ultimate arbiter of success out here, when it's just the the crew, the boat, and the ocean. If you're in a coastal area, it's highly likely that there's an American Sailing Association school nearby that will offer offshore training and preparation for sailors expanding their knowledge.

Move up to Offshore Training Courses

Since the weather is all-important in sailing, in these classes you will also become familiar with wet and heavy weather procedures. Learning to use storm sails and becoming confident with the appropriate sail trim are essential to success when you are out to sea. Sea anchors, too, need a confident hand, and proper techniques will be covered in a top-notch offshore class.

Too many sailors quit when they learn the basics, forever limiting how far they can take their crew and craft. Expanding your knowledge can be efficient, effective, and absolutely enjoyable when you find the right school. The Eastern seaboard has some wonderful instructors and schools, making it a snap to become a more advanced and accomplished mariner.

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