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Omc Carburetor Kits

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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OMC carburetor kits contain all of the necessary components to make repairs to OMC outboard engine carburetors. OMC carburetors, located in the power head of the outboard engine, are responsible for adding incoming fuel to air in the right ratio. In later engines that are equipped with fuel injection, the carburetor's job is slightly different.

OMC carburetor kits are usually sold with all of the gaskets, filters, and fittings you need to install new carburetor parts into your engine. Carburetor parts can become worn over time, especially due to fuel impurities. Impurities (and evaporated gas, as well) can cause a gum, or varnish-like residue to form on any fuel system component.

There are a few preventative methods that you can use to minimize the amount of residue that builds up in an engine. One is to use a fuel additive, such as 2+4 conditioner or engine tuner. There are also products available to remove varnish that has already formed, such as the high-powered fuel systems cleaner.

Replacing Parts using OMC Carburetor Kits

Detailed diagrams of your engine, as well as detailed information regarding which OMC carburetor kits will fit your engine, are available in OMC service manuals. In general, you will need to remove the carburetor's intake cover, the choke lever and idle knob, and the whole starter unit to get to the carburetor. Exact disassembly and replacement instructions can be found in the shop manual for your engine.

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