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Omc Cobra Parts Catalogs

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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The main resources for OMC Cobra engine owners are OMC Cobra parts catalogs. Because production of the Cobra line was discontinued in 1993, parts and service for Cobra sterndrive engines is sure to decrease over the next few years. OMC Cobra parts catalogs contain all of the information that you will need to continue to make repairs and part replacements to your Cobra engine.

The majority of parts catalogs and service manuals available to outboard and sterndrive engine owners are similarly organized. Within the pages of the catalog, numerous procedures for routine maintenance as well as part replacement are fully documented by textual descriptions as well as graphic breakdowns. The exploded-view diagrams that are included are easy to read and understand, and are clearly labeled with part description and catalog number.

OMC Cobra parts catalogs also contain important information that pertains to the many systems of the engine, including the cooling system, fuel system, and electrical systems. Peak voltages, wiring, and various testing procedures are covered, which can save you time and money if something becomes damaged in your engine. The product numbers of every gasket, gear, pin, and shaft are also given, which prove to be invaluable to those ordering Cobra parts. By ordering via part number, you are insuring that the part will fit perfectly with your engine.

Purchasing OMC Cobra Parts Catalogs

Bombardier is now the main supplier of OMC Cobra parts and catalogs. Authorized Bombardier dealerships, including online vendors, are now the main source for Cobra information. You can also find information on sterndrive and outboard Internet forums, where you are also able to compare notes or trade parts with other Cobra owners.

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