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Omc Cobra Water Pump Kits

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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OMC Cobra water pump kits are inexpensive packages that contain everything you need to make repairs and replacements to Cobra sterndrive water pumps. Since OMC declared bankruptcy in 2000, the production of OMC parts and supplies has been taken over by Bombardier, who also bought OMC's Johnson and Evinrude product lines. Cobra engine parts, including OMC Cobra water pump kits, are also available from Bombardier.

The water pump on a sterndrive is like the water pump in most marine engines: it is responsible for pulling water into the engine, and pushing it up to the engine power head. The intake for the water pump is in the engine's lower units, and is characterized by an array of tiny holes that take raw water in but keep bits of leaves, small rocks, and other debris out. The water is drawn up and into the engine via an impeller, which, on most sterndrives, is made of rubber.

The construction of the rubber impeller is solid, but nevertheless, impellers can easily sustain damage. If a piece of an impeller spine breaks off, it can get caught in the water flow and travel up toward the engine. Along this route, it will most likely become jammed and reduce water flow, which can reduce the engine's cooling capability and ultimately reduce the performance of the engine. By monitoring your engine's temperature gauge (and water flow gauge if you have one) and periodically inspecting the condition of your impeller, you can avoid many cooling problems before they get too serious.

Replacing Parts with OMC Cobra Water Pump Kits

Replacing damaged components of the cooling system is relatively straightforward, with the aid of an OMC Cobra service manual. OMC Cobra water pump kits contain impellers, gaskets, and the pump's housing, and service manuals contain detailed instructions regarding the disassembly and replacement of parts. Service manuals and kits are also available from many online vendors and even Internet auction sites.

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