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Omc Propellers

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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The availability of OMC propellers hasn't dwindled since Bombardier took over OMC parts in 2000. Bombardier has continued to make many Johnson and Evinrude products that were once developed under OMC. They also still distribute OMC propellers, carburetor kits, and water pumps, to name just a few.

Sizing your propeller to your boat can be tricky. If your boat is assembled, with all of the proper components for your engine, then it can be a little easier. In general, you must be able to reach the RPM level that is specified in your manual at full throttle. If you cannot reach that RPM, your OMC propeller may be too big. If you are often over the specified RPM, your propeller is probably too small.

OMC propellers for outboard and sterndrive motors must be strong, and able to withstand not just the force of oncoming water at high speeds, but also small rocks and other debris that may come into contact with the propeller blades. If the blades are damaged, pitted by rocks, or otherwise lose their finish, they may be susceptible to producing cavitation. Cavitation occurs when a quickly moving object (like a propeller) cuts through a liquid and leaves a vacuum behind, in which water may vaporize.

Purchasing OMC Propellers

OMC products are now available wherever Bombardier products are sold. Online marine parts stores often have a large selection of products, and may be able to help you size a new propeller to your rig. Other great places to obtain a propeller or get information regarding marine propulsion are Internet auction sites and online boating forums.

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