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Omc Rectifier Regulators

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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OMC rectifier regulators are designed specifically for use in an OMC product. During the 1990s, OMC products included OMC Cobra sterndrives, the Sea Drive, and all Johnson and Evinrude motors and parts. As of 2000, however, all OMC parts, including OMC rectifier regulators, are distributed through Bombardier.

Rectifier regulators function as part of your boat's electrical ignition system. They are located along the path of electricity that goes from the battery and stator to the engine itself. OMC rectifier regulators convert the AC current of the stator to more useful DC current.

If there seems to be something damaged in the ignition system of your boat, there are a few quick diagnostic tests that you can perform to help narrow down the problem. If the engine doesn't seem to be getting any spark, you may want to first check all of the wires and terminals for damage or corrosion. After checking that, and insuring that the stator and battery are good, you may want to check the amplifier coil by touching a multi-meter to the positive terminal.

Buying OMC Rectifier Regulators

Many OMC parts are available from online marine parts dealers, and of course, licensed Bombardier retail locations. To determine what kind of rectifier regulator is compatible with your engine, check the parts manual. You can also find rectifier regulators on Internet auction sites and boating forum sites.

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