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Omc Sea Drive Rectifier Regulators

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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OMC Sea Drive rectifier regulators are an important component in the electrical systems of a S/D engine. The rectifier regulator is part of the ignition system, and is responsible for converting the power that flows from the stator to something that the boat can use. For outboards, that means that OMC Sea Drive rectifier regulators convert the AC current to the standard DC current.

There is a potential source of confusion surrounding some models of rectifier regulators. For most outboard engines, the original rectifier wires are color coded to be red, yellow, and grey. On some replacement parts, however, the wires are coded differently.

In most cases, the replacement part should come with a note from the manufacturer. Depending on the part, the rectifier may have one red wire and two yellows, or even one red and three yellow wires. According to the manufacturers, the yellow wires are interchangeable; any of the yellow wires can connect to where the yellow wire or the grey wire was previously. The red wire, however, should be connected to where the original red wire was connected.

Purchasing OMC Sea Drive Rectifier Regulators

Many different OMC S/D parts, including OMC Sea Drive rectifier regulators, are available at dealerships that still sell OMC parts--including many Internet vendors. Online marine parts vendors often stock a large supply of older parts as well as new outboard parts. Some older Evinrude and Johnson engine components are still in production from Bombardier Recreation Products, and are available wherever Bombardier equipment is sold.

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