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Omc Sea Drive Water Pump Kits

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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OMC Sea Drive water pump kits fit with OMC S/D outboard engine types. In general, they are made by OMC, though if the pump kit is newer, Bombardier may have manufactured it. When OMC declared bankruptcy in 2000, Bombardier continued the production of many OMC parts.

Bombardier has continued to produce many Johnson and Evinrude parts for models that came out before OMC retired from the outboard business. Specifically, they have developed new technology under the Evinrude name, keeping Evinrude at the forefront of marine recreation. Parts and kits for old OMC outboards, including Evinrude water pump kits and OMC Sea Drive water pump kits, are now available from Bombardier retailers.

Replacing Parts using OMC Sea Drive Water Pump Kits

The water pump is an essential piece of an outboard engine's cooling system. It is responsible for channeling water into the engine from a remote source-- most often a lake or other body of water. The water pump's main component is a sturdy rubber impeller.

Occasionally, though, impellers in outboard engines are damaged, often due to debris that is caught in the water pump. OMC Sea Drive water pump kits contain all of the necessary components to replace any part of the water pump, including the housing, the impeller, and gaskets. Detailed information regarding disassembling an OMC S/D engine can be found in your shop manual.

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