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Omc Stern Drive Carburetor Kits

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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If you are interesting in making repairs to an OMC stern drive engine, you may want to look at OMC stern drive carburetor kits. These kits are specially made for OMC stern drives, and contain all of the parts that you would need to make repairs to a stern drive carburetor. OMC stern drive carburetor kits commonly include housing pieces, filters, and other carburetor parts.

Carburetors generally require a little of general maintenance as well. If normal gasoline is allowed to sit in a fuel tank, there is the chance that a gummy residue will build up, not only in the carburetor, but in the fuel lines as well. By using a fuel additive, such as a fuel stabilizer or a 2+4 fuel conditioner, you can greatly reduce the risk of build up from gasoline impurities in the engine.

Replacing Damaged Parts with OMC Stern Drive Carburetor Kits

In the shop manual for your OMC stern drive engine, you will find detailed instructions and diagrams that chart the disassembly of an OMC stern drive motor. Once the carburetor is free of the engine, you may want to clean all of the undamaged parts, before replacing the damaged one. By soaking the parts in carburetor cleaning solution and lightly blowing them dry with a spray can, you can insure that they are free of debris, carbon, and varnish before replacement.

The shop manual for your engine can also tell you the best models of OMC stern drive carburetor kits to buy. The correct kit should be listed by part number, and the manual should also give a general description of the item. Having the part number on hand can help speed the ordering process, and ultimately save you time and frustration from potentially ordering ill-fitting parts.

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