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Outboard Carburetor Rebuild Kits

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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For all kinds of boaters--casual weekend fisherman and die-hard marine mechanics, spare parts from outboard carburetor rebuild kits can come in very handy. Having these parts on hand means quick fixes for the minor problems associated with heavy boating and the toll that it takes on the engine's carburetor. By using parts from outboard carburetor rebuild kits, you can save time and money, and get back out on the water where the action is.

The carburetor is one of the most active parts of an engine's fuel system. In older engines, the carburetor is the place where incoming air mixes with fuel from the fuel tank to produce the volatile mixture that explodes to produce thrust. Because it sees so much action, carburetor air filters can often dirty, and impurities from the fuel can also gum up fuel lines and leave residue in the carburetor that can hinder performance. Luckily, however, replacing carburetor parts is a relatively easy and straightforward task.

Besides using outboard carburetor rebuild kits to perform maintenance on your engine's carburetor, there are a few other products you can use to help keep the all of the fuel system, including the carburetor, clean. Fuel additives like stabilizers and conditioners can reduce the risk of gasoline forming varnish or gummy residue in the engine. Soaking your carburetor parts in carburetor cleanser can also help remove and build up, without endangering the fragile brass of some of the carburetor components.

Part Replacement with Outboard Carburetor Rebuild Kits

As detailed in your outboard service manual and parts catalogs, disassembling the engine to reach the carburetor is simple. Simply follow the detailed engine diagrams and instructions, and carefully inspect your carburetor parts before discarding them. Service manuals can also tell you exactly which carburetor kits (by part number) will fit your engine, and which will not.

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