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Outboard Starter Motors

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Every outboard engine needs a little tender loving care, and sometimes that includes replacing little parts like outboard starter motors, filters, and gaskets. You can find small parts like these at marine engine supply shops, including many different Internet based shops. Usually, online vendors carry a large stock of starters to suit many different types of engines.

Outboard starter motors are available in a few different sizes. Most Johnson or Evinrude outboard motors fit either 9-tooth or 10-tooth starter drives. A few require outboard starter motors with 8-tooth drives, and models that date from the late 90s sometimes require toothless drives.

Outboard Starter Motors and Other Sources of Ignition Failure

It can be difficult to diagnose the cause of trouble with the ignition system. The starter switch draws power from the battery, which is then charged in an amplifier coil before shooting off to the power packs. Because there are so many different connections involved, there are many places where corrosion or dirt on a terminal can cause a loss of power.

The best way to troubleshoot an ignition system may be to work towards the engine, testing each connection with a good multi-meter and comparing it to the voltages prescribed in the service manual. The service manual should also provide instructions for disassembling the ignition system, as well as provide the original starter motor's product number. You can use the original product number to compare your engine's compatibility with replacement starter motor units.

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