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Outboard Water Pump Kits

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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The most convenient spare parts kits to have in your shop may be outboard water pump kits. The water pump on most outboard is built heartily enough, but parts of the pump, especially the impeller, are subject to damaging forces that other engine parts aren't subject to. Incoming water, dirt, salt, or other debris that enters the water pump can greatly affect the pumps performance, which can quickly reduce overall engine output.

The three parts of a water pump, all commonly included in outboard water pump kits, are the impeller, the housing, and the bottom plate. The bottom plate must be made of a durable material to resist abrasion from silt, and is usually constructed of aluminum or chrome. The impeller is usually made of rubber, a material that affords the proper flexibility for the blades, but also has enough strength to withstand some amount of damage.

The impeller turns on a drive shaft that runs through the housing, offset from the central axis. Water is drawn in on one side, and pressed out under high pressure on the other side of the pump, where it flows quickly towards the power head. Damage to the impeller can not only slow down water flow, but if broken pieces of the impeller begin to make their way to the power head, it can mean much more complicated repairs later on.

Purchasing Outboard Water Pump Kits

Outboard water pump kits are available from many different sources, including online boating supply stores and marine parts dealers that specialize in outboard components. The product numbers of parts that are compatible with your engine should be noted in your service manual. By ordering replacement parts by part number, you can insure that the parts are completely compatible with your engine, potentially saving you time, money, and frustration.

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