Performance Arresters

Written by Dina Kayed
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When you're out at sea, you often have no close source of help if things should go wrong. This is why we are all constantly urged by coast guard authorities to comply with all safety regulations. You can never tell when something unexpected is going to happen, and at sea, things can go terribly wrong very fast indeed. A flame arrester is just one piece of equipment that you may never even know has saved your life.

Inspecting Your Flame Arrester

It's highly possible that you already have a flame arrester, or flash arrester on your boat. It is the thing you always wondered about sitting atop the carburetor. You are required by law to have one, as marine engines are prone to back flash and this small piece of technology has saved many lives. If you determine that your engine does not have a flame arrester, any marine expert will be happy to help you with advice on retrofitting to bring your craft up to date with safety regulations.

If you're looking for a high performance flame arrester, you can't do better than a high pressure deflagration arrester. These can be installed vertically or horizontally and are particularly suitable for installations where they're protecting a long length of tube. There are also detonation flame arresters.

Some boat owners find that the flame arrester is limiting the performance of the engine. This can happen if the flame arrester is too small for the engine in question. Fitting a larger flame arrester can significantly improve performance without restricting the safety element.

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