Private Yacht Charters

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Private yacht charters can provide the same luxury as fine hotels, with enormous advantages. Even the finest of resorts and other land-based guest accommodations can't offer the variety of landscapes and activities inherent to these small floating hotels. Further, at the end of the day, private yacht charters may cost no more than even average resorts, and sometimes, even less.

Private Yacht Charters: Advantages over Hotels

On a private yacht charter, everything is included: every meal, every cocktail, and just about every activity. Consider how much a couple of overpriced soft-drinks and a glass of wine per person can quickly add up. No such surprise charges will be presented at the end of your chartered trip.

Plus, with regard to meals, while the food in hotels and resorts are often quite delicious and well prepared, they are not designed to meet your specific food preferences. Most private yacht charters come with a talented, restaurant quality chef, who takes down all your food preferences before you even set sail. The larder is packed with the foods you like best, and prepared according to your dietary preferences.

Though your fine resort hotel is doubtlessly located on a gorgeous beach, after the third day it will still be the same gorgeous beach. On a private yacht charter, you can wake up to a new, unexplored white sand Caribbean coastline every morning--and dance on the moonlit sands of another come dusk. No other vacation option offers the flexibility of itinerary, the value for the dollar, and the attention to your personal preferences like private yacht charters.

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