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Pulse Pack

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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The pulse pack, part of an outboard engine's electrical system, has many different names. Depending on the type of engine, it may be referred to as a power pack, pulse pack, or even an amplifier. Regardless of the handle, the function is the same: to pass power to the spark plugs, igniting them at the correct times.

Once a spark plug is ignited, the fuel and air mixture in the cylinder explodes, driving the piston down. In order to obtain a maximum amount of torque, the pulse pack must fire the spark plug just as the piston compacting the air to the highest possible pressure. The head gasket and piston rings must also be intact, so that they can form a tight seal around the piston and maximize compression in the cylinder.

Purchasing and Installing Pulse Packs

Pulse packs are available through many marine products dealers. They are readily available online, and Internet-based outboard parts suppliers tend to stock a large supply of different power packs. There are also many websites that feature pictures of different products, along with product number and compatibility information. By comparing this information to your current power pack, you can generally find a suitable replacement.

Another method of determining what pulse packs are compatible with your engine is to use the service manual for your engine. Service manuals for outboards generally include a complete parts list, including the part number and technical information for every part in the engine. The manuals also provide detailed instructions and diagrams to access internal components such as the pulse packs.

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