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Right Hand Gearcase

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Although using both left- and right hand gearcases isn't necessitated by a twin-engine system, it is highly recommended by many boaters. Most twin-engine boats without a counter rotation gearcase have a tendency to list to one side, an effect created by the two adjacent propellers spinning in the same direction. The torque that is created by the propellers forces the boat to one side, which produces unexpected and difficult steering conditions.

Right hand gearcases help balance the boat, eliminating the boat's list effect. A right hand gearcase drives the propeller in the opposite direction of a left hand, or counter clockwise, rotating gearcase. The two opposing forces of torque created by the gearcases cancel each other out, allowing the boat to continue unhindered.

Counter rotation and normal gearcases operate and are constructed very differently from one another. Because of this, parts from a left hand gearcase may not be suitable for use in a right hand gearcase. Manufacturers or parts suppliers may be able to answer any questions you may have about the compatibility of certain gearcases.

Purchasing Right Hand Gearcase Components

Not all gearcases may be compatible with your engine. The engine's service manual should have a complete listing of compatible parts. Certain aftermarket parts may also be available--stores and retail websites should be able to supply compatibility information for aftermarket parts.

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