Sailing Adventure

Written by Jen Nichol
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You want your sailing adventure to be the result of incredible wind and water conditions, as well as a great crew. You don't want the "adventure" to come out of being inexperienced and unable to handle sudden changes in the wind, having an incorrect tacking technique, and too much "luffing!" A good school will help you have the right kind of sailing adventures, the kind that use your well-grounded sailing skills to expand all of your horizons.

What's great is that you can combine a sailing course with a sailing adventure! Some schools take you out for up to a week, letting you learn aspects of sailing through total immersion. This is a fun and fabulous way to gain solid experience.

Try a Sailing Adventure

Some schools will offer sailing adventures just for women, which is a very supportive way to gain skills. You can work together with others of your skill level to become more confident at mainsail, jib, and tiller. The fun to be had on one of these learning excursions is matched only by the satisfaction of completing your cruise.

Other sailing adventures are for experienced sailors, who want to perfect their celestial navigation and offshore passagemaking skills. Finding a school that operates out of the Bahamas is another way to add spice to any sailing course. The right courses are out there, and relatively easy to find--just be sure to look for ASA certification.

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