Sailing To Bermuda

Written by Jen Nichol
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Sailing to Bermuda needn't exist solely in our imaginations. Nor is a trip like this only the domain of sailors who have themselves already mastered passagemaking. There are top-rated sailing schools in Newport, Ft. Lauderdale and St. Thomas that make trips like this a reality.

You can take in the feel and sights of tropical waters, all while brushing up on your sailing skills. Sailing from St. Thomas to Bermuda takes ten days, and you might even have the option of adding an addition leg that will take you to the East Coast. During this time, there's a good chance you can gain your offshore passagemaking certification.

Get Certified While Sailing to Bermuda

For a fee, a school will sometimes organize a trip like this that will instruct you on celestial navigation, gulf stream crossing, and other offshore skills. Your fee will typically include customs and immigration fees, the instructor and boat fees, and provisions. Not likely to be included are sextant, books, personal safety gear, and alcohol.

A Bermuda sailing trip is a great opportunity to gain skills that usually take a lifetime to master. If you are serious about getting away from coastal cruising and expanding your real deep-water sailing skills, you might be ready to consider a trip like this. A good school with serious instructors can rekindle your passion for open-water sailing.

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