Sailing Cruises

Written by Jamie Carpenter
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Sailing cruises on private chartered yachts combine all the benefits of luxury and relaxation without the headaches of tourist crowds, preset scheduling, and long lines. The only people on board are you, your traveling companions, and your well trained crew. You don't have to worry about the sailing, or the clean up. You have the freedom to spend your days in whatever manner you find most relaxing.

Your crew, in addition to handling all the boat safety and maintenance during your sailing cruise, will likely be friendly tour guides as well. Most are experts in the area, and will know all the popular spots to visit, like cool beach-front bars and discotheques. They're also great for pointing out the out of the way, hidden gems that are reachable only by boat.

Just You and Yours, Doing What You Find Fun

Your options for activities on sailing cruises are virtually endless. While at sea, you can stop any time you like and enjoy activities like swimming, kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving. Most sailing cruises have equipment on board, but you should inquire ahead of time if you need to bring anything yourself, such as a wetsuit, and if there are additional charges for equipment rental.

Once in any secluded cove, you can enjoy hiking, exploring quiet beaches, or nature walks--or shopping, dining and dancing in charming beachfront locales. On-board, you may pass evenings watching for whales, dolphins and other marine mammals, stargazing on the observation deck, enjoying a glass of wine and a snooze in an on-deck hammock, and sitting down to gourmet meals prepared by your chef.

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