Sailing Safety

Written by Jen Nichol
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Every sailor knows that this is a sport that can have disastrous consequences if one is not well versed in sailing safety. With the presence of so many kinds of boats out on the water these days, including container ships powering through shipping channels, you really need to know how to handle your boat. Also, there are sailors of every level out on the open water, including those who don't have enough knowledge or experience to keep a safe distance from others.

For all of these reasons, the American Sailing Association emphasizes boating safety. They have rigorous standards, because they want the sport to maintain its appeal. This is why the ASA will really inspect a school and its instructors before giving it the coveted ASA certification.

Sailing Safety Should Be of Primary Importance to All Sailors

When you find an ASA-certified sailing school, you know you will be getting a well-rounded and thorough sailing education. Everyone who goes through one of these programs, or simply one class, comes out of it with real, applicable sailing knowledge. Forget "learning as you go;" this is often a better, funner way to become a better sailor.

The American Sailing Association certifies schools everywhere. They can be found on both coasts, and even in sunny St. Thomas. It's a good idea, when looking for a sailing school, to take an extra moment and find one that is ASA-certified, so that you know you can be as safe and effective as possible at tiller, jib, or mainsail.

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