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Single Lever Binnacle Control

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Single lever binnacle control systems are commonly used to control larger outboard or sterndrive boats. However, they can also be used to control smaller and mid sized outboards, and are a viable alternative to side mount controllers. In fact, single lever binnacle control devices offer few advantages over side mount control.

One of the main advantages of binnacle control is ease of use. By using a system in which the control apparatus is directly in front of the skipper, a more direct link is forged between driver and craft. Gauges, throttle, and steering become a control panel, allowing the skipper to see at a glance the state of the entire boat. While making the skipper's job easier, this system also increases safety, through consolidated controls and less fumbling.

Many single lever binnacle control systems also include functionality that some side mount control systems lack. Key switches are normally built into the control box, again centralizing control of the engine to a single location. Many binnacle systems also offer increased sensitivity to the throttle through force-feedback style push-pull cables.

Shopping for Single Lever Binnacle Control Systems

When comparing control systems, it can be helpful to read consumer and boating enthusiast product reviews. There are many websites dedicated to boating forums where shoppers can ask the opinion of seasoned users of a variety of products. Online retail locations also stock a selection of binnacle control systems, often with pictures and compatibility information.

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