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Storage Fogging Oil

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Storage fogging oil is a product that is designed specifically for the peculiar hardships that an engine must face during long periods of storage. There are a few different kinds of products available for winterizing your engine, and each of them addresses different potential developments that can occur over periods of disuse. Besides storage fogging oil, the most common product for winterization may be a fuel additive such as 2 + 4 fuel conditioner.

Storage fogging oil addresses the problem of condensation forming in your engine. If condensation is allowed in the internal areas of an engine, then the potential for rust to form or corrosion to occur during storage is increased dramatically. Fogging oil can greatly reduce this risk for many kinds of motors, including snowmobile engines and lawn equipment.

Fuel additives are treatments that are applied to the engine through the fuel system. Fuel stabilizers such as 2 + 4 fuel conditioner are designed to reduce the risk of a varnish forming on engine parts due to gasoline evaporation. The varnish, which can also take the form of a gummy residue, can reduce engine output by either clogging fuel lines or affecting the engine pistons directly.

Winterizing Your Boat with Storage Fogging Oil

Many sources recommend a thorough winterization process involving fuel treatment, engine cleaning, and a full flush of the cooling system as well. Begin by flushing the engine by attaching a flushing device to the water intake. Follow that by cleaning the engine, spraying with fogging oil, then running treated fuel though the engine before winterization is complete. The engine's service manual should provide detailed information regarding storage procedure and methods.

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