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Surface Mount Control With Ignition

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Many models of binnacle control devices offer surface mount control with ignition control as well. By containing the ignition switch within the housing of the controller, designers have eliminated the need to install a separate key switch, and provided skippers with quick access to the key switch module. Though binnacle control boxes without a key switch are also manufactured, surface mount control with ignition switches are far more popular.

Surface mount control systems are also very popular among owners of a twin-engine boat. Dual engine binacle control boxes are designed similarly to single engine console mounted systems, but feature two throttle levers instead of one. The ignition switch of such controllers is usually imbedded between the throttle levers,

Non-surface mount controls for outboard motors are also available. The most common of these is the side mount control lever. Side mount controls are mountable on either the left- or right-hand side, but usually don't include a built in key switch.

Shopping for Surface Mount Control with Ignition Switch

Most boating supply stores, including online marine parts suppliers, stock a selection of control devices. There are also many boating forum websites where you might be able to find information or recommendations on different surface mount control with ignition switch devices. Not all controllers are compatible with every outboard, however, so be sure to check the service manual or ask salespeople about specific compatibility issues.

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