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Sx Cobra Service Manuals

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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SX Cobra service manuals are the most comprehensive source of information on OMC's SX Cobra engine type. Like the manuals for other outboard engines, there are manuals from both the manufacturer and aftermarket sources. The differences between the two different kinds of SX Cobra service manuals should be minimal.

Many outboard service manuals follow a common structure. They are organized around a complete disassembly of the engine, for both the power head as well as the lower units. A virtual tear down of the engine is an efficient way top show both the structure of the individual engine systems as well as the way the systems interact to produce the desired engine output.

Included in SX Cobra service manuals are detailed diagrams of every single engine component, from the propeller up. Each part is also clearly labeled and shown in size and spatial relativity to every other component. This is accomplished by the use of exploded view diagrams, which allow isometric views of every engine part, and how they all fit together. The parts are also listed along with certain technical specifications, such as peak voltage or RPM.

Ordering Replacement Parts with a SX Cobra Service Manual

The list of parts in SX Cobra service manuals isn't just for technical comparisons. Certain replacement parts may not be compatible with your engine, but by comparing the part numbers as given in your manual to the part numbers of replacement parts, you can guarantee compatibility. Moreover, many marine suppliers only accept orders by part number.

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