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Trim And Tilt Motors

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Many boaters choose to mount use systems that include trim and tilt motors. Outboard engines are heavy devices, and the stronger your engine is, the heavier it tends to be. Trim and tilt motors automatically lift your engine out of the water at the touch of a button.

Trim and tilt systems are healthy for both the boat and the skipper. They can help eliminate back strain that normally results from having to lift the heavy engine multiple times per run. They also raise your propeller out of the water, and safely away from potentially harmful collisions with other equipment.

Features of Some Trim and Tilt Motors

Many trim and tilt motors that are available today operate on electrically controlled hydraulic systems. Hydraulic lifts are perfect for larger engines, and can lift loads up to 7800 pounds. Many trim and tilt systems are also made of aluminum alloys or other materials that are completely waterproof and not subject to rust of other forms of corrosion.

Most trim and tilt motors also include remote control toggle switches that allow for easy console mounting. Also, optionally available for many systems is a power tilt meter for easy, eyes-forward monitoring. Some trim and tilt motors also offer negative rotation, or tuck, which can help improve hole shot.

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