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Ultra Hpf Gearcase Lubricant

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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There are many different kinds of lubricants available for outboard engines, including Ultra HPF gearcase lubricant. Different lubricants have different strengths and are useful in different parts of an engine. While Ultra HPF gearcase lubricant is best for use in gearcases, triple guard grease is best in prop shafts, and engine oil, including biodegradable oils, are best in internal engine components.

When used in gearcases, Ultra HPF gearcase lubricant can extend gear life beyond what it may be when using other, tamer lubricants. It also has a low viscosity, which means that it is great for use in cold weather or for cold starts. High VIS lubricants are also available, which has a higher viscosity that works well in extremely wet conditions.

Triple guard grease, another lubricant manufactured by Johnson/Evinrude, is a fully waterproof lubricant. As such, it works best on engine components that are heavily exposed to water, such as the prop shaft and shift cables. It is also extremely resilient, and will stay where applied despite heavy engine vibration and rumbling.

Purchasing Ultra HPF Gearcase Lubricant

Many different lubricants are available from marine parts suppliers and boating supply stores. Internet vendors also carry a wide variety of lubricants, fuel treatments, and engine oils. Internet-based boater enthusiast forums are a good resource for consumer products reviews and recommendations.

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