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Water Pump Repair Kits

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Water pump repair kits contain all of the parts you will need to make repairs to the heart of your engine's cooling system. The water pump's function is to draw water into the engine, and channel it up into the power head. Because it is subject to many variables from the outside world (including debris, variable water quality, etc.), the water pump is exposed to many hazards that the rest of the engine is not.

The Contents of Water Pump Repair Kits

There are three main pieces of an outboard engine's water pump; all included in water pump repair kits. The first, and arguably most critical, is the impeller. An impeller is a set of spinning fins that has a three-fold job: it must compress the water in the pump, move it towards the pump's output channel, and force the water through the output under more pressure than the water originally was.

Currently, many commercial impellers are made from a durable rubber that can act stiff as well as maintain its flexibility. Nevertheless, impellers are often damaged by debris, dirt, or even salt from the water. The spines can wear down and break off, possibly becoming lodged downstream in the cooling system. If they do, the under-cooled motor may be subject to crippling amounts of damage.

The other two pieces that are commonly included in water pump repair kits are the housing and the bottom plate. Both of these pieces must be made of an extremely durable material so that they can withstand abrasion for silt and salt in the water. Generally, the water pump's housing and bottom plate don't require as much maintenance or replacement as often as the impeller.

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